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Our services can be tailored to your specific needs and can include:

1. Assistance in the procurement, as required, of construction insurance (e.g.: Builders Risk, Wrap-up Liability, Environmental Liability insurance, Surety etc.). In Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIPs) the owner will need to procure such insurance. In the event the construction insurance is written via a Contractor Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP) , it is important to ensure that your interests are suitably protected;
2. Conducting insurance (due diligence) reviews including;
• Assistance in the creation / refinement of
Insurance Requirements;
• the review of appropriate contracts (I.E. (i)
Project Agreements; (ii) Insurance Trust
Agreements; (iii) Credit Agreements; (iv)
Construction Contracts and (v) other relevant documents);
• the review of insurance evidence (e.g.:
Policies/ Certificates/Contracts
/ Memoranda of Insurance) and the making of comments and recommendations for improvement - ; growth and
• confirming the placement of the applicable and adequate insurance coverage after an insurance review this confirmation will be completed via a series of detailed reports;
We wish to ensure that contracts and other relevant documents:
• Serve to protect your interests;
• Comply with the appropriate regulations;
• we will provide a comprehensive written report with recommendations;

3. We will provide you with a detailed written report providing recommendations
4. the creation / refinement of risk management procedures and protocols;
5. supporting you with comprehensive loss control / loss prevention service;
6. assisting with claims management including the “tracking” of claims;
7. the completion of claims and deductible studies and providing recommendations;
8. providing assistance in benchmarking your coverage, limits, deductibles and price against other similar business organizations;
9. the identification of risks which may impact your asset values and revenue, including major gaps or weaknesses in your existing insurance program and unknown or inadequately managed exposures and to recommend the action required to correct any deficiencies;
10. the development of a comprehensive insurance program that protects corporate assets, preserves investors' capital and maintains the anticipated level of earnings ;
11. conduct seminars / lectures / interactive workshops as requested;
12. completion of customized or generic training to meet the specific training and development needs of an organization.
13. serving as an “expert” witness;
14. providing other risk management and insurance consulting services as is required to satisfy your needs;
15. providing you with an excellent ongoing service which exceeds your expectations;
16. conducting (when deemed appropriate by the client) RFPs (Requests for Proposals) for Broker Services.