Our services focus on the specific insurance and risk management needs of lenders and may include:
1. Conducting insurance (due diligence) reviews for lenders, including commercial mortgages and construction finance, as part of the loan approval process including;
• assistance in the creation / refinement of insurance requirements;
• the review of appropriate contracts :
a) project agreements;
b) insurance trust agreements;
c) credit agreements;
d) construction contracts and
e) other relevant documents);
• the review of insurance evidence (policies/ certificates/ memoranda of insurance) and the making of comments and recommendations for improvement;
• confirming the placement of the applicable and adequate insurance coverage
2. The tracking of documents, including certificates, for lenders;
3. Conducting seminars / lectures / interactive workshops as requested;
4. Customized or generic training to meet the specific training and development needs of an organization;
5. Providing other risk management and insurance consulting services as is required to satisfy lenders’ individual or unique needs;
6. Providing lenders with excellent ongoing service.